Dr. Steven Meacham, D.C.

Discounted Chiropractic Fees with ChiroHealthUSA Network


A growing number of people are finding themselves uninsured, under-insured, or with limitations in their health plan. Some state and federal regulations prohibit doctors from reducing fees or giving away services. Doctors are usually required to charge insurance companies and patients the same fees unless they are under a network contract for a lower fee. ChiroHealthUSA is a contracted network that allows doctors to set and accept discounts on their services for members.


Dr. Steven Meacham has partnered with ChiroHealthUSA to accept discounted fees or charges from their “usual customary and reasonable” (UCR) charges. When you join the ChiroHealthUSA Program, you are entitled to similiar “in-network” discounts just like the insurance companies. Your doctor is a member of this growing network of healthcare professionals who are dedicated to helping you get the care you need at a fee you can afford.


By joining the ChiroHealthUSA Program, you immediately become a member of ChiroHealthUSA and are eligible to enjoy these discounted fees. Your membership is just $49.00 a year and it includes you and your dependents.


This plan is not insurance. Please see the full brochure for details.